Veteran candidate John Turmel to contest Toronto Danforth By-election

The Toronto Danforth by-election is turning into a festival of democracy. At the time of writing there are now eleven candidates. The latest to register is John Turmel. Mr. Turmel is a veteran candidate who is certain to add to the high level of interest in this election. A fascinating description of Mr. Turmel’s political career may be found here.

A warm welcome to Mr. Turmel.

The Battle for Toronto-Danforth

Posted with permission of the author Theresa Lubowitz

The Battle for Toronto-Danforth

February 11, 2012

The Candidates

Last month the federal NDP nominated Craig Scott, a professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. Scott’s areas of political interests include human rights issues, both around the world and here at home with our Aboriginal peoples, and ending discrimination in the housing sector.

This month, the federal Liberals nominated advertising executive and FLICK OFF founder Grant Gordon. Gordon’s firm, which he also founded, focuses on branding socially and environmentally responsible companies. His candidacy for the Liberal nomination made waves in the news because of the fresh, positive, and fun approach he brought to politics through an amusing call to action for voters. Gordon’s political interests include protecting the environment and the security of our pension system.

Both candidates reside in Riverdale and have had successful careers making a difference in Canada and beyond its borders. Read the rest of this entry

Canadian Action Party, United Party of Canada, Conservative Party – All Are Running in Toronto Danforth

Brian Jedan – United Party of Canada to run in March 19 By-election


Brian Jedan was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1968. His father Karl emigrated from Germany in the ‘50s with a wooden crate that he built himself and $15 dollars. His mother arrived in Canada at the age of one with her stepfather and mother.

By the time Brian, his parents, and sister Lisa moved to Cookstown, Ontario, Brian had become a regular on his father’s job sites. Every summer, Karl would teach him how to operate a different piece of heavy equipment, and the time they spent together would create an unbreakable bond between the two. By the age of 6, Brian was a fixture at his father’s side. It was a testament to the trust his father placed in him that Brian “could get the job done.”

Growing up in Cookstown, Brian attended Bradford District High School. “I was irreverent,” he says, “If someone said it was against the rules, I’d challenge it. I felt it was my duty to question authority and rules. I wasn’t rude or mean or overly disrespectful of others, I just wanted to know ‘why?’” To read more about Brian  Jedan.

Meet Dorian Baxter – what will he do for you?

The Battle For Toronto Danforth

I recently discovered an incredibly perceptive article about the Toronto Danforth by-election. The author is Theresa Lubowitz.


Read the rest of this entry

Leslie Bory campaigns in Toronto Danforth on Family Day

As I walking down the street I was  approached by a man who said:

“Hi I’m Leslie Bory – I am running to be  your MP.” Read the rest of this entry

Family Day in Toronto-Danforth with Stéphane Dion and Grant Gordon February 20 2012

Thank you for inviting me to your All-Candidates Debate

                 We’re at a critical time. There are only a couple of weeks left before the By-Election and we are at the turning point of taking back Toronto – Danforth from the NDP and shifting the balance of power in Parliament in the favour of the constituents. We must put our efforts together to ensure that residents of Toronto – Danforth don’t end up with another term of wasted opportunities. That is why I am running as an Independent Candidate in the riding of Toronto – Danforth this March 19th.

                 When a majority government is formed by just 18% of eligible voters, a suitable ground for backroom deals with special interests is cultivated, and money-wasting bureaucracy soars.  In this By-Election, what this riding needs is a representative who doesn’t answer to party leaders, non-delegated industrialists, union bosses, or special groups; someone who is accountable to his electorate. This time around residents of  Toronto – Danforth have a choice to send a concerned citizen who is part of the suffering population and is neither a politician nor a member of the aristocratic oligarchy.  This is an opportunity to let the rest of the nation know that the people of Toronto – Danforth will no longer accept, nor put-up with, the status-quo.

Bahman Yazdanfar

Voter Apathy – The inevitable result of political parties and the “first past the post” system

The Problem of Voter Apathy – Looking To Form An Anti-Apathy Coalition

Democracy is NOT a spectator sport! On March 19, 2012 get out and vote!

First Reason For  Voter Apathy – Politics is Nothing But  a Party for the Parties!

The last few posts have been about the problem of political parties.  The political  process  is dominated  by the parties. (But, it doesn’t have to be that way.)

To be specific  the party candidates are loyal to the Party and not to the residents of the riding.   People tend to NOT be interested in people who  are NOT interested in them. Since the parties are not interested in the people, the people are not interested in the parties. Since the parties ARE politics, people are not interested in politics. That may be the reason why there is so much apathy in politics. The voting turnout in the last Ontario Election (October 2011) was as low as it has ever been.

Interestingly, there was much more interest in the 2010 Municipal election. All of the candidates are (at least in theory) independent. (Although the NDP continues to support its candidates in Municipal elections. Both Toronto Wards 29 and 30 are cases in point.) This does make the candidates more responsive to the voters. Read the rest of this entry


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