Should your MP live in our Toronto Danforth Riding?

It’s interesting that there is no requirement that a candidate for Toronto Danforth actually live in the riding. This was also an issue in the recent municipal election.  There are some who attribute Jane Pitfield’s loss in Toronto Ward 29 to the fact that she did not live in Ward 29. The issue of residency in the ward was discussed in all three All Candidates  Debates.

There are five candidates in Toronto Danforth.  Andrew Lang, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, and Marie Crawford live in Toronto Danforth.  There is no evidence that either Jack Laytonor Katarina von Koenig appear  live in Toronto Danforth.  Maybe, they do – but the evidence is hard to find.  It’s interesting that the three candidates who have addresses in Toronto Danforth have confirmed that they are attending the All Candidates Debate on April 28.  Katarina von Koenig has indicated that she will not attend. Jack Layton won’t even respond to the invitation. Jack Layton’s failure to attend riding debates was an issue in the 2008 election. Jack’s seat was empty. In fact, to add insult to injury, Jack dispatched his provincial  NDP counterpart Peter Taubuns to replace him.  In a rare display of  “Grass Roots”, Peter Taubuns participation was rejected by the voters.

We can’t even get Ms. Katarina and Mr. Layton to visit Toronto Danoforth during the election. There is a difference between having your name on the ballot and being a candidate!


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