The Polls Summary – Candidates, Leaders and Parties – It Has Been Interesting

The Toronto Danforth Candidates debate is tomorrow night – April  28, 2011 starting at 8:00 p.m. The doors will be  open by 7:30 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your questions. Once again the location is:

Don Mills United  Church – 126 O’Connor

As part of  the process  of organizing this event (and it has not always been easy) we have presented  you with a series of polls. For the most  part  these polls have  been to learn views about what is most  important in the campaign. Is it  the party, the leader or  the candidate? Should your MP live in your riding? The questions and results have been interesting.

Here are the questions and responses:

Should your MP live  in the Toronto Danforth  riding?

This was evenly split between  those  who think residency should be a requirement and those who don’t think the question was  relevant. A small  minority (1 in 9) think that the candidate should not be required to live  in the riding. For the record, three of the five candidates live  in Toronto  Danforth. These are the three who will be participating in the debate.

Should “All” candidates  be invited to a Candidates debate?

Two thirds think  that all candidates  should be  invited and one  third  think that only the candidates of registered parties  should  be invited. Of course we invited all five candidates to participate. The Conservative and NDP candidates declined our invitation. Interestingly, neither the Conservative nor NDP candidate appeared on the Goldhawk debate on April  26. In some ridings, it  has been very difficult for  Independent and “Fringe Party” (whatever that means – did the Conservatives become a “Fringe Party” in 1993?) candidates to participate.

On this note – here is an excerpt from one of the posts on this blog:

All-candidate meetings/debates should be for all registered candidates. Independent candidates are a truer species of democratic candidate and should always be encouraged to participate.”

Should candidates be required  to attend candidates’ debates?

A full 88.89% think that candidates should be  required  to attend. The  remaining minority think it should be  a decision of the candidate. We agree. It’s too bad that Toronto  Danforth residents will not get the chance to see all  the candidates together. Hey, we tried.

Should candidates make themselves available to the media?

80% of you think candidates should make  themselves available  to the media. The remaining think that  the party should  control whether candidates  engage with the media. We have  been unable to locate a single appearance or media interview  that  included  the Conservative candidate in Toronto Danforth.

Should the name of the party (party affiliation) be placed  beside the name of the candidate on the ballot?

Interestingly 2/3  think  that the party affiliation should be  place  beside the candidate. 1/6 think that only  the name of the Candidate should appear.  Interestingly, 1/6 think that only the name of the party leader should  appear. As  you know that party affiliation of the candidate will  appear  on the ballot. You might not  know, that  this is a fairly recent development. Prior to 1972 only the name  of the candidate was  on the ballot. Does that suggest (as many think it does) that the individual candidates have become less  and less relevant?


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