October 6/11 Provincial Election – Toronto Danforth Candidates Debate

Toronto Danforth Candidates Debate – Thursday September 29 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Don Mills United Church – 126 O’Connor

What another election?  Yes – in the last  year we have had a Municipal election, Federal election and now on October 6,  2011 we have a Provincial  election. Once again, this blog will be used  to introduce you to the Toronto Danforth candidates and to organize and promote one or more debates. It will be interesting to see which candidates will  engage the electorate – free of party handlers in a live forum.

The following Candidates  Running For The Various registered Ontario political  parties have been invited:

Stephane Vera -Freedom Party – Not yet responded

Peter Taubuns – NDP – Declined invitation

Rita Jethi – Conservative – Not yet responded

Marisa Sterling – Liberal – Will attend

Tim Whalley – Green Party – Will attend

Kevin Clarke – Peoples Political  Party – Will attend

Neil Mercer – The  Only Party – Will attend

John Christopher Recker – Ontario Libertarian Party – Not yet responded

Each candidate is encouraged to:

1. email confirming your attendance and participation;

2. email a  one page bio with a picture for  inclusion on this blog.

“torontodanforthdebates at gmail dot com”


One thought on “October 6/11 Provincial Election – Toronto Danforth Candidates Debate”

  1. “the people” have entered the race in toronto danforth as former eastyork and toronto mayoral candidate kevin clarke enter the race,the passion of christ will be felt this election,”the people”political champion has arrive….

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