Toronto Danforth By-Election Date March 19, 2012 – All Candidates Debate March 15/12

Bulletin!! Candidate information for the March 15/12 – Toronto Danforth Debate


– what the parties are saying!

– what the candidates are doing!

– what the voters are thinking!

Toronto Danforth Candidates Debate – Thursday March 15, 2012 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. – Don Mills United Church – 126 O’Connor

Meet Your Candidates

The date is rapidly approaching. Toronto Danforth is headed for another election to replace Jack Layton. The sentiment is that whoever replaces Jack will have “big shoes to fill”. Well maybe, but remember that the new MP for Toronto Danforth will NOT be a party leader. As a result,  this upcoming by-election is an opportunity for Toronto Danforth to elect an MP who will represent Toronto Danforth. Because of Jack’s responsibilities as NDP leader, Jack focused his energy on being NDP leader. He did not participate in the Toronto Danforth election debates. His non-attendance triggered resentment among (at least some) Toronto Danforth residents. But, it’s time to move on and elect a new MP. Toronto Danforth has an interesting and engaging group of candidates. Let’s also hope for a higher voter turnout. Come meet your candidates in the March 15 Toronto Danforht All Candidates Debate as follows:

Thursday March 15 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. – Don Mills United Church – 126 O’Connor

Ten of the eleven candidates have confirmed their attendance – Conservative Andrew Keyes has not yet confirmed

Here is the list of candidates who have registered with Elections Canada. To learn more about our candidates read on

You can meet these candidates by viewing their closing statements in a March 7 candidates meeting:

NDPCraig Scott

Liberals Grant Gordon

Conservatives Not Yet Confirmed.  Andrew Keyes

Let’s invite him again.

Progressive Canadian Party (P.C. Party) –  Dorian Baxter

Green PartyAdriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Libertarian Party John Decker

Canadian Action Party –  Christopher Porter

Independent Candidates –  Bahman Yazdanfar

Independent CandidateJohn Turmel

Independent Candidate/Maple Party of Canada Leslie Bory

United Party of CanadaBrian Jedan

Want to see a clip from a recent debate?


17 thoughts on “Toronto Danforth By-Election Date March 19, 2012 – All Candidates Debate March 15/12”

  1. Glad to see interest on making people aware of the importance of this By-Election. The work of all candidates should be to ensure that there is maximum amount of participation by the Voters. With only 61% voter, turnout with 39 odd % of those voting for the Conservatives, we ended up with a majority Government. Grades like that would not be acceptable in the public school system and they should not be accepted in our democracy.

    PS.The Canadian Action Party (CAP) will be running in the By-Election as well and as Leader of the Party I look forward to representing the Party in what should be a very awakening by-election. Always happy to participate in any discussions with the candidates. Just make sure the rest of them are prepared to defend their stances on preserving Canada as a strong independent Country.

    ABOUT CAP: The Canadian Action Party is, above all, a pro-Canadian party dedicated to the principle that Canada can best serve its citizens and the world by re-claiming and maintaining its political and economic sovereignty as an independent country.

    1. Jake:

      On the contrary – we want ALL the candidates in the debate. Not sure where you got the impression that anybody was not invited.

      The simple truth is that in the last Federal election the conservative candidate declined our invitation to appear. In the last provincial election the Conservative candidate declined our election to appear. Their refusals to appear are – to use your words NOT “a great thing for democracy and freedom”. In addition, the NDP candidates also refused to participate in these very same debates.

      Actually I just read the post and no see where you got that. Meant “not allowed by the party”. So, thanks so much for your comment – will get this changed.

      Hope to see you and all the candidates at the debate.

      Just to continue on this point a bit:

      It has been difficult for “fringe” and “independent candidates” to participate in debates. They are often not invited. This is a practice that needs to be changed. This issue came up in the last election:

  2. I appreciate and applaud any discussion of the issues and attempts to increase community and voter engagement; thank you.

    My name is John Christopher Recker (with an R), and am I proud to be representing the Libertarian Party in the upcoming by-election. I did represent the Libertarians in the last provincial election as you stated, however I never received, nor ignored, an invitation to participate in the Toronto Danforth Debate.

    I look forward to discussing the issues with the constituents and other candidates, and I love free advertising 😉 Nobody needs to risk oxygen deprivation – I will happily be participating in your events.

  3. Thank you for your invitation to participate the debate you are planning. The people of Toronto Danforth deserve to have every opportunity to get to know all the candidates who are running in the by-election. As a candidate, I’m not as concerned about “free advertising” as I am about letting constituents know what their options are.

    I’m proud to be representing the Libertarian Party of Canada (, and to be the first declared candidate in the upcoming by-election. The Libertarian Party focuses primarily on building strong communities, and I look forward to meeting more people in my riding and talking about how we can work together for a more free, voluntary and prosperous society. You can learn more about my campaign by visiting

  4. My name is Dorian Baxter PC Party (Progressive Canadian) Candidate in the upcoming Toronto-Danforth By-election. I want to indicate how very impressed I am with the remarkable efficiency of those administering the “Toronto Danforth Candidates Debate” Facebook Site. I want to express my admiration for the administrator’s rapidity in locating and publishing any and all information put out by candidates almost instantaneous to the release of any and all such information!

    As already indicated, if elected, I have made a legal commitment to inject half my MP’s salary back into the Riding to assist the battle against poverty. Given the fact that when all an MP’s income from all sources (including perks) is added together it is in excess of half a million dollars, I will be asking all MP’s to do the same and “lead by example”! In this time of economic hardship it is “unconscionable” to continue to “over-pay” politicians who keep voting themselves raises that generally go totally un-noticed by the general populace!

    Given the fact that my website for Toronto-Danforth is not quite ready yet I am listing my Newmarket-Aurora website, my church website and our PC Party website in that order to give at least some insight re: my platform: and

    In conclusion, I want to reiterate that our “Progressive Canadian Party” is the only federal political party that has both a left wing and a right wing. Our left wing is our “Socially Progressive Wing” which in fact is more “Left Wing” than the NDP and more progressive! This is primarily due to that fact that if elected I will use my “Strong Voice” to ensure Ottawa addresses the causes of poverty in Toronto-Danforth as opposed to focussing on the symptoms of poverty!

    To clearly demonstrate my sincere desire to be available to the residents of Toronto-Danforth 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I am herewith listing my personal cell phone number (289) 221-2687 to invite calls at any time of the day or night if there is a need that arises!

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dorian Baxter B.A., O.T.C., M.Div.
    President and Candidate of Record for “The Progressive Canadian Party” of Canada

  5. Jct: I’ll be at the meeting talking about the Argentine Solution which was rejected by the voters in the 1982 Broadview-Greenwood byelection before being implemented in Argentina, why they were broke in 2001 and all foreign debt paid off in 2006 while Canada has had no solution. Argentine Solution is Occupy Silver Bullet for Mayan Prophecy

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