A message from Dorian Baxter

I am delighted to be informed of these debates. As the president of the real Federal PC Party (Progressive Canadian) I was pleased to be appointed by our National Council this past Monday to run in this upcoming By-election scheduled for March 19th., 2012.

As such, I am in process of registering my candidacy with Elections Canada and would be honoured to attend these debates if invited to do so. I used to live in Toronto-Danforth and have family currently residing there.

The “Progressive Canadian Party” (www.progressivecanadian.ca) is “Socially Progressive” and as such I hope to be elected to be that STRONG VOICE that will stand on guard not only for Canada but also the underprivileged! Half my MP salary will be given back to the Toronto-Danforth Riding to help battle poverty!

I have run in previous Federal elections twice against Belinda Stronach (first when she was a “Neocon” with the Harper Regime and then when she became a Liberal). Last year I ran against Julian Fantino in the Vaughan By-election. Although my new Toronto-Danforth website is under construction I will include my past Newmarket/Aurora website to give some insight into my platform for residents of Toronto-Danforth Riding (www.dorianbaxter.ca).

I also include my church website for the same purpose (www.christthekinggraceland.ca) and herewith I am adding my personal cell phone # (289) 221-2687 as I intend to be available to seek to meet the needs of Toronto-Danforth residents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! I will be pleased to receive calls at any time, night or day and wish to point out that this mobile number I have issued (289) 221-2687 is NOT long distance from Toronto-Danforth!

Respectfully submitted in “Progressive Canadian Thinking”.

Archbishop Dorian A. Baxter B.A., O.T.C., M.Div.

PS: It is a wonderful thing to be a “Canadian” and it is even more wonderful to be considered to be a “Progressive Canadian”!!! (www.progressivecanadian.ca)



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