Toronto Danforth Debates Welcomes The Toronto Star

Vote for the candidate NOT for the party!

The Opera Ain’t Over Until  The Fat Lady Sings!

It’s funny, I always thought the Toronto Star was a supporter of the  Liberals. They appear to have switched sides and are no supporting the NDP. Just in case, you are wondering who to vote for, the Toronto Star is reminding is that the “Toronto Danforthian” thing to do would be to vote for NDP. Or are they saying, that you should vote for Craig Scott. Or are they making no distinction between Craig Scott and the NDP. Is there a distinction between Craig Scott and the  NDP? The Star has also reported on how NDP Olivia Chow  has been fighting for her husband’s successor in Toronto Danforth. According to this article, this “fighting”  includes fund raising. Olivia: butt out! Toronto  Danforth is not  Jack Layton’s seat. The seat actually belongs to the people of Toronto Danforth. Toronto Danforth residents should vote for the candidate that will best serve them!

 In today’s paper the Toronto  Star informs us that:

“Poll: NDP will win Toronto-Danforth byelection by wide margin”

A new poll shows NDP candidate Craig Scott as the clear frontrunner in the upcoming byelection, and is predicted to pull almost two-thirds of the vote if it were held today.

It’s an insurmountable lead that pollsters say is not likely to fade before the March 19 race to replace former NDP leader Jack Layton, who held the riding for seven years until his death last summer.

“This is a safe NDP seat,” said Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, which conducted the poll. “They are projected to get actually the same vote that Jack Layton got.”

And to reinforce this point, we are  then treated to:

The survey shows Liberal advertising executive Grant Gordon with 19 per cent support, compared with 14 per cent for the Conservatives’ Andrew Keyes, a communications specialist. That’s almost on par with results from last May’s federal election.

The Toronto Danforth by-election is generating lots of  interest. It is an opportunity for the residents of  Toronto  Danforth to vote for a candidate and NOT for a party. The outcome of this election matters ONLY to the residents of Toronto Danforth. We really need to hear from the candidates.

Incidentally,  at least so far, Craig Scott has not responded to our invitation to appear in our March 15 debates. Maybe, he thinks he is more electable  if  people don’t meet him. Come on Craig – come on out – show the people of Toronto Danforth that you are the best  candidate for the riding!

By the way,  the complete Toronto Star article  is here:–poll-ndp-will-win-toronto-danforth-byelection-by-wide-margin


7 thoughts on “Toronto Danforth Debates Welcomes The Toronto Star”

  1. I am appalled to see once again the media attempting to weild it’s influence in this Toronto/Danforth By-election…Along with the Toronto/Danforth Debates Bloggers I am convinced that the real “Danforthian” thing to do is to vote for the candidate and not the political party!

    It is high time for “The People” of Canada in general and “The People” of Toronto/Danforth to rise up and seize control of their own destiny by coming out in huge numbers on March 19th. to exercise their democratic right to choose for themselves! There is an ancient Chinese Proverb that tells us,”Those who do not remedy old evils must expect new evils!!!”

    Government of the people, for the people and by the people must be our Canadian mantra as we resolve to re-establish the Westminster model of Parliamentary Democracy after which Ottawa is patterned! As already indicated by our Toronto/Danforth Debates Bloggers, that time has come and “NOW IS”, to elect the best candidate not to just blindly elect or re-elect for the sake of sentimentality or for the sake of a particular party! Toronto/Danforth can lead the way for our nation in the next Federal Election by demonstrating on March 19th. that in fact they “choose people over politics”, by voting for the PERSON that has the best proven track record of “wanting to SERVE the people” of Toronto/Danforth!

    Having taken the time to avail myself of the superb journalism demonstrated by our Toronto/Danforth Debates Bloggers, I can honestly say that I am utterly impressed by all the candidates that are offering themselves to “serve” this very important Riding! However, when all is said and done, I truly believe that my proven track record, my qualifications and my unswerving commitment to “SERVE” my fellow human beings along with my God-given abilities to articulate, debate and stand up for the Canadian Human rights of every living person gives me a unique and significant edge!

    My proven track record begins with my decision in 1980 to leave a teaching job of approximately $60,000:00 per annum to go back to University (U.of T.) to get my Master’s Degree in Divinity from the Toronto School of Theology and take a northern Ontario missionary diocese position with the Anglican Church in Algoma for $12,000:00 per annum in order to “SERVE” others and help them in their daily, God-given right to the pursuit of happiness!

    This led me to establish the largest Accountability organization in Canada in 1994 NAPPA (The National Association for Public and Private Accountability) of which “Canada Court Watch” and the “Family Court Justice Review Committee is part ( . As a clergyman I am “on-call” 24 hours a day, seven days a week and I can offer this same diligence and dedication to seek to meet the needs of the people of Toronto/Danforth! All they have to do is call me on my personal cell phone at (289) 221-2687 and I shall do my best to assist them in their pursuit of happiness!!!

    The word “Parliament” is derived from the French word “parler”, to speak and it is a place where the elected MP is to speak out in a strong voice on behalf of the people of the Riding. As an educator for over 33 years (teaching in Ontario in both elementary and secondary panels and as an Associate Professor for Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa for over 10 years), an Anglican priest for 30 years and an Archbishop with the Federation of Independent Anglican Churches of North America for 9 years I believe I can “speak with a powerful voice” on behalf of the people of Toronto/Danforth!!!

    I could go on, but suddenly realizing I have already gone on too long let me conclude by asking the people of Toronto/Danforth to check out my credentials and try me and prove me on March 19th….they can be assured, they will NOT be disappointed!!! 🙂

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dorian Baxter B.A., O.T.C., M.Div.
    Progressive Canadian (PC) Party Candidate
    Re; March 19th. Toronto/Danforth By-election

  2. Great quote:

    “Government of the people, for the people and by the people must be our Canadian mantra as we resolve to re-establish the Westminster model of Parliamentary Democracy after which Ottawa is patterned!”

    I know it is always unwise to bring anything of American origin into a discussion of Canadian politics. But, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is really a “rallying cry” for people who believe in democracy the world over. So, I can’t resist:

  3. Olivia is allowed to canvas and take on fundraising initiatives that increase the likeliness of Craig Scott being elected in Toronto-Danforth. In fact, many NDP MPs are coming out to canvas on behalf of Craig Scott. This happens in many by-elections as party resources can be allocated to the contested riding.

    Obviously Olivia feels emotional ties with Toronto-Danforth, but Andrew Cash, Jonah Schein, Nikki Ashton– they’ve all been in Craig’s campaign office in the recent weeks. The NDP is a team and a well-organized one at that. They have a vested interest in ensuring an NDPer gets elected in Toronto-Danforth and no one can fault them for that.

  4. No question – Olivia “is allowed” to do all those things and we do understand the emotional tie to Toronto Danforth. The question is not whether she “is allowed”. The question is what role should the NDP party play in this. And a very warm welcome to the “many NDP MPs” who are coming to Toronto Danforth “to canvass on behalf of Craig Scott”. And the NDP is to be congratulated for being “a team and a well organized one at that”. Glad that you acknowledge the “vested interest” that the NDP Party has in Toronto Danforth.

    But, I have a question for you people? It’s this. Is this about the Party or is it about the Candidate? Furthermore, which do you think it should be? To put it another way: is this about getting an NDP seat for the party? Or is it about providing the residents of Toronto Danforth with representation in the House?

    Would love your answer to this – and we look forward to meeting Craig Scott (presumably with his entourage) at the Toronto Danforth debate on March 15!

    Thank you very much for joining the discussion!

  5. Great video and wonderful to hear the Gettysburg Address…you people are doing a great service to Toronto/Danforth….I just hope your audience multiplies rapidly….your blog needs to go nation wide!!! Of course, my answer to your question is “The Candidate” needs to be the primary consideration and the Party should always be the secondary consideration!!!

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dorian Baxter B.A., O.T.C., M.Div.
    Progressive Canadian (PC) Party Candidate
    Re: March 19th., Toronto/Danforth By-election

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