Thank you for inviting me to your All-Candidates Debate

                 We’re at a critical time. There are only a couple of weeks left before the By-Election and we are at the turning point of taking back Toronto – Danforth from the NDP and shifting the balance of power in Parliament in the favour of the constituents. We must put our efforts together to ensure that residents of Toronto – Danforth don’t end up with another term of wasted opportunities. That is why I am running as an Independent Candidate in the riding of Toronto – Danforth this March 19th.

                 When a majority government is formed by just 18% of eligible voters, a suitable ground for backroom deals with special interests is cultivated, and money-wasting bureaucracy soars.  In this By-Election, what this riding needs is a representative who doesn’t answer to party leaders, non-delegated industrialists, union bosses, or special groups; someone who is accountable to his electorate. This time around residents of  Toronto – Danforth have a choice to send a concerned citizen who is part of the suffering population and is neither a politician nor a member of the aristocratic oligarchy.  This is an opportunity to let the rest of the nation know that the people of Toronto – Danforth will no longer accept, nor put-up with, the status-quo.

Bahman Yazdanfar


One thought on “Thank you for inviting me to your All-Candidates Debate”

  1. Hello Bahman:

    Thanks for your post – we invite you to keep sharing your thoughts as you go through your campaign. Your running as an Independent Candidate is a tremendous contribution to the community. I have seen you at previous candidates debates and am struck by your ability to help define the issues.

    So, once again, a warm welcome and we look forward to your dialogue with the residents of Toronto Danforth!

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