Leslie Bory campaigns in Toronto Danforth on Family Day

As I walking down the street I was  approached by a man who said:

“Hi I’m Leslie Bory – I am running to be  your MP.”

I replied by saying: “Awesome, I’ve been looking for  you, I want to make sure that you are participating in our March 15 Toronto Danforth Candidate’s Debate. Of course, I had already announced on this blog that Leslie Bory is an Independent Candidate in Toronto Danforth. He quickly confirmed his attendance, but that the best part that I was able to an interview of the candidate.

Who is Leslie Bory? Why is he running in Toronto Danforth?

Well, it turns out that Leslie is an “Independent Candidate” in name only. That means that he will appear on the ballot as an independent. But, his is actually NOT an independent candidate. Turns out that Leslie is the leader of the newly formed: Maple Party of Canada. For the most part, the Maple Party of Canada is seeking to have an “Independent Canada” with a “Canada For Canadians Policy”. Mr. Bory handed me a four page flyer with a long list of Maple Party goals and imperatives. But, the bottom line is that, in the words of Leslie Bory that:

“I am running for office with the hope that nI can help the citizens of my nation live decently with dignity.”

You can learn more about Leslie and the Maple Party at:





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