My eyes have seen the years – Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

“We here in Canada just sit here and let the bastards get away with everything!”

Happy Early 97th Birthday and Thanks for your message!

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2 thoughts on “My eyes have seen the years – Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!”

  1. The word “democracy” comes from the Greek; demos “people” and kratos “power,” and it means “rule of the people”. However, what is happening in Toronto – Danforth is nothing but Monecracy, if I may coin a new word, emanating from kratos and moneta, “money”.

    The NDP and its candidates started their campaign weeks before the drop of the writ. As a resident of this riding, so far I have received about 9-12 pieces of glossy colour brochures in my mailbox, 6-8 from the NDP, 2-3 from the Conservative Party, and 1-2 pieces from the Liberal Party. These three amigos of Monecracy, have raised needed funds, recruited and trained candidates, and made connection with their affiliated media, long before the Election call,, counting on the politeness and naivety of the electors to vote for their logo, instead of the merits of their candidates.

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