Toronto Danforth Candidates Meeting March 7, 2012 – Updated All Candidates To Be Invited!!

Wednesday March 7, 2012 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. – 86 Blake St. – Toronto

Update!! In a victory for Toronto Danforth democracy – the organizers of the debate have reversed their position and all candidates on the ballot are to be invited!! Great news – a victory for reason and common sense.

Not only should all candidates be invited, but all candidates should attend the debates to which they are invited! On the second point of the eleven candidates in Toronto Danforth, we have nine confirmed for the March 15 candidates debate at the Don Mills United Church (7:00 p.m.). It is guaranteed to be an evening of excitement. By the way, the two who have not confirmed are: Craig Scott (NDP) and Andrew Keyes (Conservative). But either way an exciting and interesting even is assured for all!


Would be interested in getting your thoughts in the above two polls. Also, this is not the first time this issue has come up. Here is an earlier post describing the problem of candidates being excluded from debates.


3 thoughts on “Toronto Danforth Candidates Meeting March 7, 2012 – Updated All Candidates To Be Invited!!”

  1. I have just found out about Candidates Meeting at the Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre, a couple of days ago. I spoke with the Programs Director of the centre, over the phone, yesterday afternoon, and I expressed my willingness to participate in this meeting. However, she told me that a decision has been made by the members of the four sponsor agencies (The Massey Centre, Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre, East York East Toronto Family Resources, Jackman Community Daycare) to invite specific candidates.

    I sent an e-mail to each one of these agencies this morning, requesting to be included as one of the participants in their meeting. I am hoping that they reconsider their decision and invite all candidates to participate and allow constituents meet and hear new talents, visions, ideas, abilities, and genuine commitment of these disenfranchised candidates.

  2. Debates are a waste of time. You’ll get more votes by talking to voters at the door. If you want real credibility run an effective campaign and get a good amount of votes and people will take you seriously.

    1. Interesting comment – your point (if I understand it) is that debates are a waste of time for the candidate. Is this election about the candidates or is it about the voters? If it is about the voters, then a debate is the voters opportunity to see the candidates perform in a comparative context. Of course, if the upcoming Toronto Danforth election is about the candidates (for example a “Party for the parties”), then you may or may not be right.

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