Today’s letters: There ought to be a law … – National Post

Last week, letters editor Paul Russell asked readers: “If you were prime minister, what law would you pass?” We’ve been inundated with responses (75 words or less).

Rein in politicians

I would make a law that mandates these qualifications for aspirants to public office. You are: not a lawyer, not in need of money, not on a career path and not a member of a political party. You have: children, seen the inside of a jail cell, single citizenship, compassion and have been hungry. That should hinder careerists, egomaniacs, greed merchants, silver spoon socialists and sundry scoundrels from infesting our institutions like rats on the ship of state.
David J. Baughn, Toronto.

Every elected politician should spend one day every two weeks in front-line services for the poor. Not on the committee to organize the next fund-raising dinner, but helping find a homeless person a home or a veteran their benefits. Having to confront these groups and their problems “up close and personal” might make for better laws all round. “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” (Mahatma Ghandi)
Jim Drummond, Halifax.

Let’s have a law that makes it illegal for anyone in Canada to be a professional politician.
Robert Cunningham, Bonfield, Ont.

Read more suggestions here.


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