Live results of Toronto Danforth By-election from Elections Canada


Preliminary Results
Toronto–Danforth Last updated: 23:32 ET
Party Candidate Votes % Votes
PC Party Dorian Baxter 207 0.6 0.6%
Independent Leslie Bory 76 0.2 0.2%
Liberal Grant Gordon 9,215 28.5 28.5%
United Party Brian Jedan 54 0.2 0.2%
Conservative Andrew Keyes 1,736 5.4 5.4%
Green Party Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu 1,517 4.7 4.7%
CAP Christopher Robert Porter 77 0.2 0.2%
Libertarian John Christopher Recker 133 0.4 0.4%
NDP-New Democratic Party Craig Scott 19,210 59.4 59.4%
Independent John C. Turmel 57 0.2 0.2%
Independent Bahman Yazdanfar 36 0.1 0.1%
Total number of valid votes: 32,318
Polls reporting: 196/196 Voter turnout: 32,318 of 74,512 registered electors (43.4%)
The number of registered electors shown in this table does not include electors who registered on election day.




2 thoughts on “Live results of Toronto Danforth By-election from Elections Canada”

  1. A couple of comments from the Globe Article:

    “Conservative vote in Toronto Danforth:
    2000: 8.01%
    2004: 6.21%
    2006: 9.90%
    2008: 11.65%
    2011: 14.32%
    2012: 5.2% (10:20 pm)”

    “I think the real story here is how badly the Cons are doing. Will they hold off the Greens for 3rd place? The latest from Elections Canada had them at 5.2% of the vote (21:51 ET). Quite telling for a sitting Government!”

  2. Voter turnout very very low at 43.4%. Complete collapse of Conservative support – appeared to go the Liberals. Interesting also that Green Party support fell from 6.5% to 4.7%. Liberals also appeared to benefit from this.

    “Robocall” may be hurting the Conservatives. Also, the perception (largely fueled by mainstream media) that Toronto Danforth was an NDP/Liberal race, may have resulted in non-NDP votes voting Liberal.

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