About Toronto Danforth Debates

In summary Toronto Danforth Debates was  created by Toronto Danforth residents:

1. To ensure that debates for the Federal, Provincial and Municipal elections actually take place; and

2. To ensure that all candidates are invited to  participate in those debates.

Both Canadian Federal  and Provincial  politics are dominated by the parties and the leaders  with little emphasis on the candidates. After all, it is a candidate who  will be  elected  to represent the riding of  Toronto Danforth.

We always hear  from  the party leaders!

It is important that we have the opportunity to question the candidates for Toronto Danforth!

Many Canadians are apathetic and believe that there is a “Democracy Deficit” in Canada. Part of the reason is the lack of political debates and the fact that many candidates (who are not the candidates of the Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green parties) are not invited to participate in the debates.  What kind of debate  is possible when  only main party candidates are  invited  to the debate?

As a result, the voters are deprived  of the opportunity to hear from all the candidates and compare  them. In fact, in the 2011 Federal  Election, we organized the only candidates debate in Toronto Danforth.  Who is “we?” Toronto Danforth Debates was created  by Toronto Danforth residents, including John Richardson – a 30 year resident of Toronto Danforth. John has run as an Independent Candidate both Federally and Provincially. He has also run for City Council. He is also the only candidate to have actually taken the initiative to organize a debates in Toronto Danforth.  Much of  the logistical  work  has been by other community members.

In Summary – Toronto Danforth Debates is a Community organized initiative:

– organized by individual Toronto Danforth Residents

– for Toronto Danforth Residents

– to ensure that Toronto Danforth residents have the opportunity to meet ALL CANDIDATES!

Please  help spread the word!



One thought on “About Toronto Danforth Debates”


    Canadian Action Party will Occupy Toronto/Danforth By Election !

    Canadian Action Party leader Christopher Porter today announced his intention to run for the House of Commons seat in the upcoming Toronto Danforth by-election.
    The recent Occupy movement in Canada has made it clear that a large number of Canadians are concerned with the monetary policies that Canada has been following and that finical and monetary reform is a pressing issue with Canadians that the three major parties continue to ignore.
    The practice of granting large tax breaks to corporations in the hope of creating jobs ignores the real problem with our economic system, which is the fact that since the 1970’s we have allowed the private banking system to create our money in Canada when clearly that power should reside in the hands of the Canadian people though our publicly owned Bank of Canada.
    As the Harper government leads Canada down the path of foreign wars, Globalization and austerity measures that dismantle the very programs that makes Canada the great nation that it is, Christopher Porter and the Canadian Action Party want Canadians to know that we can take back out national sovereignty and restore the Canadian economy.
    By running the leader of the party in this by-election CAP wishes to send a clear message to the Canadian people that we can change the way politics are conducted in Canada. For too long this Country has been controlled by corporate, banking and labour interests and Christopher Porter believes the time has come for the average working Canadian reclaim control and the direction this country is moving in.

    Contact information
    Christopher Porter – Leader
    Canadian Action Party

    Lawrence McCurry – Campaign Manager
    skype: lawrence.mccurry
    phone (416) 264-5122

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