Format – Bring Your Questions

Source Of The Questions:

This event will give the residents of Toronto  Danforth the opportunity to meet their candidates and question them. Questions will be proposed from three  sources:

1. The Audience – arrive at 7:00 p.m. – Take the time to fill out a question card.

2. The Moderators – Our moderators will each have the opportunity to propose questions.

3. The Candidates – Each candidate will be offered  the opportunity to propose one question.

How The Questions  Will Reach The Candidates:

The questions will be handed to the moderators.  The moderators  will alternate in selecting questions and asking them to the candidates.

How The Questions Will Be Answered:

Each candidate will be expected  to respond  to each question and will have a maximum of two minutes  to answer each question.

Opening and Closing Statements:

Opening: Each candidate will  have three minutes to introduce  themselves.

Closing: After  the general questions, each candidate will have one minute to Complete  the following sentence …

The most important thing to remember  about  me  as a candidate is that …


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