Toronto Star identifies only five candidates in Toronto Danforth – Town Crier identifies only three

This is about as lazy and lame as it gets. The Town Crier featured an article which included only three candidates whose pictures appear below. The Toronto Star ran an article today, that featured these same three candidates and mentioned two others by name. It’s really too bad – this has been a very exciting election. Furthermore, those unnamed candidates have contributed tremendous energy and excitement to the election in “Toronto Danforth’s” Riding. For a list of all the candidates click here.
Also, I note the article refers to Craig Scott has the “NDP replacement for Jack Layton”. Actually, I thought he was a candidate for MP in Toronto Danforth and not the “NDP Replacement”.
The Toronto Star is also the outlet that treated us to the advance poll in February.
Craig Scott, NDP replacement for Jack Layton (l); Andrew Keyes, Conservative Party of Canada candidate (c); Grant Gordon, Liberal Party candidate (r). Continue reading Toronto Star identifies only five candidates in Toronto Danforth – Town Crier identifies only three

March 8 Rogers “Some Candidates” Debate – Some thoughts

Twitter has arrived as a participant in the Toronto Danforth Debates. To see the discussion unfold from the perspective of the Green Party see the above tweets.

So, what happened? It was the only televised debate. The one hour debate included Grant Gordon, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu and Craig Scott. Depending on your perspective these “main party” candidates were either the “main event” or the “warm up” for the five minutes of Christopher Porter and Bahman Yazdanfar at the end.

Watch the video of the debate here.

In any case, some thoughts: Continue reading March 8 Rogers “Some Candidates” Debate – Some thoughts

Toronto Danforth All Candidates Debates – March 7/12 – Some thoughts

March 7 was  a busy day for the candidates (or at least some of them).   There were actually two debates/meetings.

Debate/Meeting 1: Eastern Commerce Collegiate – 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Participants Included: Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Craig Scott, Andrew Keyes, Grant Gordon, Bahman Yazdanfar

It was polite and civilized and the audience was students at Eastern Commerce. The moderator was (not completely sure, but it looked to me  like) a teacher. His role was to ask questions that “apparently” were generated by the students. The room did NOT have a high level of energy. For the most part (and I think this was a mistake) the candidates did not tailor their answers to a “younger audience”. Possible exception – Grant Gordon. Mr. Gordon has impressed me as one of the candidates who is most likely to listen to and respond to the question actually asked. Andrew Keyes continued to “soldier on” and preach the virtues of the Conservative Party. Craig Scott continued to emphasize that he is (and wants to continue to be) a member of team NDP. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu and Andrew Keyes continued to demonstrate a strong commttment to Toronto Danforth. Bahman Yazdanfar continued to emphasize the importance of candidate over party.

In any case, after an afternoon break, these same candidates (Andrew Keyes excepted) appeared at the evening debate.

Debate/Meeting 2: 86 Blake St – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

It was intended to be an “All candidates” meeting/debate. The “no-shows” were the Libertarian Candidate (he has yet to appear – therefore hard to take him seriously) and interestingly Conservative Candidate Andrew Keyes (he may have a “one meeting a day” rule). In any case, that left nine candidates. Continue reading Toronto Danforth All Candidates Debates – March 7/12 – Some thoughts

Will Toronto Danforth revert back to the Liberals?

Came across this this very interesting post. It begins as follows:

Toronto Danforth – Liberal Vote


With another two weeks to go before the Toronto Danforth byelection, there has been some speculation as to the possibility of the seat changing hands back to the Liberals. While I am skeptical of this claim, I thought it would be worth examining in a bit more depth.The riding voted Liberal throughout the 1990s before being won by  deceased NDP leader Jack Layton in 2004. As a Ryerson professor and city councillor, Layton made a name for himself in Toronto politics, but lacked the widespread recognition common with federal politicians.

He took the leadership of the NDP handily in 2003, and but won by a slim 2,400 votes his first race in Danforth. Despite only moderate gains for the NDP, Layton was able to increase his margin of victory in each passing election. Even after his passing, Jack’s legacy remains a key factor in the future of the NDP. By the strength of his personality, and the frustration of Quebec voters with the BQ, he led the party to a spectacular breakthrough in the province. The Danforth election may offer a glimpse into the future of a Layton-less NDP party. Layton consistently outperformed his party both in Toronto and Ontario, and represents one of the best examples of personality driven support.

Read the complete post here.

Toronto Danforth Candidates Meeting March 7, 2012 – Updated All Candidates To Be Invited!!

Wednesday March 7, 2012 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. – 86 Blake St. – Toronto

Update!! In a victory for Toronto Danforth democracy – the organizers of the debate have reversed their position and all candidates on the ballot are to be invited!! Great news – a victory for reason and common sense.

Not only should all candidates be invited, but all candidates should attend the debates to which they are invited! On the second point of the eleven candidates in Toronto Danforth, we have nine confirmed for the March 15 candidates debate at the Don Mills United Church (7:00 p.m.). It is guaranteed to be an evening of excitement. By the way, the two who have not confirmed are: Craig Scott (NDP) and Andrew Keyes (Conservative). But either way an exciting and interesting even is assured for all!


Would be interested in getting your thoughts in the above two polls. Also, this is not the first time this issue has come up. Here is an earlier post describing the problem of candidates being excluded from debates.

My eyes have seen the years – Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

“We here in Canada just sit here and let the bastards get away with everything!”

Happy Early 97th Birthday and Thanks for your message!

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Thoughts on the March 1, 2012 Toronto Danforth Candidates Meeting

Organizer Susan Fletcher and moderator Neil Sinclair did a fantastic job – well organized and well run. You can meet the candidates at this  account of the March 1, 2012 Toronto Danforth debate. A similar account is here. Will mix some of my own thoughts/observations with the “Tweets of the evening”.

Ten of the eleven candidates were present and participated. The Libertarian Party candidate did not appear. His absence was a disappointment for those who believe that there may be too much government in Canada. In any case, we were left with ten candidates who (to varying degrees) seem to believe that government is the solution to many of the world’s problems.

So, some impressions – nothing but opinions. I invite your comments. Continue reading Thoughts on the March 1, 2012 Toronto Danforth Candidates Meeting