Thoughts on the March 1, 2012 Toronto Danforth Candidates Meeting

Organizer Susan Fletcher and moderator Neil Sinclair did a fantastic job – well organized and well run. You can meet the candidates at this  account of the March 1, 2012 Toronto Danforth debate. A similar account is here. Will mix some of my own thoughts/observations with the “Tweets of the evening”.

Ten of the eleven candidates were present and participated. The Libertarian Party candidate did not appear. His absence was a disappointment for those who believe that there may be too much government in Canada. In any case, we were left with ten candidates who (to varying degrees) seem to believe that government is the solution to many of the world’s problems.

So, some impressions – nothing but opinions. I invite your comments. Read the rest of this entry

Toronto Danforth Debate – March 1, 2012 – Preview

Parties get behind their candidates – but is this election about the parties?

The Toronto Danforth by-election on March 19 has turned into a Festival of Democracy. There are eleven candidates. The candidate pool includes the candidates of both unregistered and registered political parties and two true independent candidates. The candidate (Leslie Bory) of an unregistered political party (Maple Party of Canada) will appear as an independent on the ballot. The large number of candidates will make for interesting debates, the discussion of a wide range of issues, and tremendous choice. The fact that the outcome of this election will NOT affect the balance of power in the House, gives residents of Toronto Danforth a real opportunity to vote for a candidate. Don’t people always vote for a candidate? Well, technically yes, but in actuality no. In many cases the candidate is simply the mechanism to vote for the party itself. For example check out the following tweet:!/christindal/status/174667918464925697

For example: I also received the flyer preaching the virtues of  Stephen Harper. The flyer gives us all kinds of reasons why. But, I don’t expect to see Stephen Harper on the ballot. Stupid me. I see now. The way to vote for Stephen Harper is to vote for Andrew Keyes (whoever that is). It’s hard to find much reference to him in the ad. There is a picture and a recommendation to vote for him But, that’s it.  But, there is really nothing to suggest that:

“The KEY to good representation in Toronto Danforth is to vote for Andrew KEYes”

The flyer does state that it is:

“Authorized by the Official Agent for the Andrew Keyes Campaign”

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Meet the Canadidates – Applegrove – March 1, 2012 – 7:00 p.m.

On March 1, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. you are encouraged  to meet the Toronto Danforth candidates at Applegrove Community Complex:

60 Woodfield Road.

The poster  advertising the meeting is  below.


Meet Neil Sinclair – the moderator or should we  see “Master of  Ceremonies”. Neil  was a superb candidate in Ward 32 in the 2012 Municipal  Election.  We have found that Municipal Candidates make very good moderators. In the past both Liz West (Ward 30 candidate) and Jennifer Wood (Ward 29 candidate) have moderated our debates. Meet Neil  in the following video. Read the rest of this entry

Eleven candidates only Andrew Keyes has not confirmed participation in the March 15 candidates debate

So, we will invite Andrew Keyes the Conservative candidate again.

In the last Federal Election, the National Post wrote an article about the problem of candidates not appearing in debates. In the April 28, 2011 debate neither the NDP nor the Conservative candidates appeared.

Veteran candidate John Turmel to contest Toronto Danforth By-election

The Toronto Danforth by-election is turning into a festival of democracy. At the time of writing there are now eleven candidates. The latest to register is John Turmel. Mr. Turmel is a veteran candidate who is certain to add to the high level of interest in this election. A fascinating description of Mr. Turmel’s political career may be found here.

A warm welcome to Mr. Turmel.

The Battle for Toronto-Danforth

Posted with permission of the author Theresa Lubowitz

The Battle for Toronto-Danforth

February 11, 2012

The Candidates

Last month the federal NDP nominated Craig Scott, a professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. Scott’s areas of political interests include human rights issues, both around the world and here at home with our Aboriginal peoples, and ending discrimination in the housing sector.

This month, the federal Liberals nominated advertising executive and FLICK OFF founder Grant Gordon. Gordon’s firm, which he also founded, focuses on branding socially and environmentally responsible companies. His candidacy for the Liberal nomination made waves in the news because of the fresh, positive, and fun approach he brought to politics through an amusing call to action for voters. Gordon’s political interests include protecting the environment and the security of our pension system.

Both candidates reside in Riverdale and have had successful careers making a difference in Canada and beyond its borders. Read the rest of this entry

Canadian Action Party, United Party of Canada, Conservative Party – All Are Running in Toronto Danforth

Brian Jedan – United Party of Canada to run in March 19 By-election


Brian Jedan was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1968. His father Karl emigrated from Germany in the ‘50s with a wooden crate that he built himself and $15 dollars. His mother arrived in Canada at the age of one with her stepfather and mother.

By the time Brian, his parents, and sister Lisa moved to Cookstown, Ontario, Brian had become a regular on his father’s job sites. Every summer, Karl would teach him how to operate a different piece of heavy equipment, and the time they spent together would create an unbreakable bond between the two. By the age of 6, Brian was a fixture at his father’s side. It was a testament to the trust his father placed in him that Brian “could get the job done.”

Growing up in Cookstown, Brian attended Bradford District High School. “I was irreverent,” he says, “If someone said it was against the rules, I’d challenge it. I felt it was my duty to question authority and rules. I wasn’t rude or mean or overly disrespectful of others, I just wanted to know ‘why?’” To read more about Brian  Jedan.

Meet Dorian Baxter – what will he do for you?


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