Jane Pitfield writing history of East York – President of East York Historical Society – Possible Independent Candidate?

Commitment to Toronto Danforth

Jane Pitfield is a “household name” in East York. She haw written the History of Leaside. She has been a: City Councilor, Candidate for Toronto Mayor and most recently candidate in the last municipal election in Toronto Ward 29. She would have been (and could still be) an excellent candidate in he upcoming Toronto Danforth by-election. She apparently turned down at least one offer to run in the recent Ontario Election.

What is she doing now? She has been writing the History of East York . In addition, she is the new president of the East York Historical Society.

She once described herself as being “nonpartisan”. Could Jane Pitfield be the Independent Candidate that Toronto Danforth needs? Somebody should “draft” her.