Toronto Danforth Debate – March 1, 2012 – Preview

Toronto Danforth Debates Welcomes The Toronto Star

Vote for the candidate NOT for the party!

The Opera Ain’t Over Until  The Fat Lady Sings!

It’s funny, I always thought the Toronto Star was a supporter of the  Liberals. They appear to have switched sides and are no supporting the NDP. Just in case, you are wondering who to vote for, the Toronto Star is reminding is that the “Toronto Danforthian” thing to do would be to vote for NDP. Or are they saying, that you should vote for Craig Scott. Or are they making no distinction between Craig Scott and the NDP. Is there a distinction between Craig Scott and the  NDP? The Star has also reported on how NDP Olivia Chow  has been fighting for her husband’s successor in Toronto Danforth. According to this article, this “fighting”  includes fund raising. Olivia: butt out! Toronto  Danforth is not  Jack Layton’s seat. The seat actually belongs to the people of Toronto Danforth. Toronto Danforth residents should vote for the candidate that will best serve them!

 In today’s paper the Toronto  Star informs us that:

“Poll: NDP will win Toronto-Danforth byelection by wide margin” Continue reading Toronto Danforth Debates Welcomes The Toronto Star

Another Independent – Leslie Bory running as Independent in Toronto Danforth

Awesome!! This is turning out to be the most exciting election in years. Yesterday, we welcomed Independent Candidate Bahman Yazdanfar to the ballot in Toronto Danforth. Today, we are thrilled to see that Leslie Bory is also running as an Independent. A warm welcome and congratulations to Leslie.

Like Bahman, Leslie is an experienced Independent – having run in the 2010 Vaughn by-election (as did Dorian Baxter) and again in Brant in 2011. Running as an Independent can be addictive. Leslie is included in John Turmel’s dream team of Candidates.

Looking forward to learning more about Leslie. Hope you are participating in the debate on March 15!


Meet your Libertarian candidate John Recker

“Just because you don’t take an interest in politics, doesn’t mean that politics won’t take an interest in you!”

– Toronto Danforth Libertarian Candidate – John Recker

The March 19 Toronto by-election is attracting the best group of candidates I have seen in a long while. This is one of the few elections I have seen where the  quality and excitement level of the “fringe” and “independent candidates” is likely to surpass the mainstream party candidates. Here is your opportunity to meet John Recker – The Libertarian Party Candidate. Continue reading Meet your Libertarian candidate John Recker

Bahman Yazdanfar to run as an Independent Candidate in Toronto Danforth

Great news!  Toronto Danforth has its Independent Candidate. Bahman is sure to bring a rational and independent voice to the discussion. He is a veteran Independent Candidate, having run as an Independent on Toronto Centre in the last election. Introduce yourself to Bahman Yandazfar here. Continue reading Bahman Yazdanfar to run as an Independent Candidate in Toronto Danforth