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Toronto Danforth History

Toronto Danforth is a vibrant community. Did you know that the Toronto Public Library has a whole section on Toronto Danforth? You are encouraged to join this blog and contribute to the discussion. Here  is how you can participate:

(1)  Introvert: To subscribe to this blog, use the RSS option on the side bar, or enter your e-mail address (which will never be published) on the side bar where it says, “Follow this blog”.  Then you will receive an email everytime there is a new post.  To follow a comment stream use the RSS option or when making comment, tick the box for an e-mail notification when a new comment is made. Perfect for those who like to moniter what’s going on, but don’t really want to be part of the conversation.

(2)  Sociable: To comment on a post, just use a unique alias and an e-mail address–the e-mail won’t be published; if you have a WordPress ID you can use that too.  Comments are welcome!!  If you use an alias, please use something that is unique and use the same one each time you comment.  Please don’t use “Anon” or “Anonymous”, as these are too generic and will not allow readers to distinguish one person from another. You do NOT want to be confused with somebody else. Commenting  is perfect that for those who like to be heard but don’t really want to write posts.

(3) Extrovert: If you want to be able to create new threads (posts) on subjects related to US persons living abroad,  please just make a comment below saying “I would like to be an author” and you will be invited to become an “author” by an administrator.  It’s magic! You will need to create a WordPress ID (at ). This is perfect for those extroverts who have a lot to say.

Or if you like – Just read our blog. You can  also follow us on: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Don’t forget to let others know about it!

All are welcome!!


4 thoughts on “Join Toronto Danforth Debates”

  1. Applegrove Community Complex is organizing an all-candidates meeting for early March in the south-east corner of ther riding. More details to follow.

  2. Due to recuring health problems,i regret i had to by pass the march 19 by election,it benefits none to succeed jack layton ,also to the grave,we ask all to love thy neighbour as you love your need be well,support the people in there times of need and teach children well..

    yours sincerly
    kevin clarke
    The peoples political party of ontario
    “The people”

  3. On March 19th the good voters of Toronto Danforth will be asked to vote in a federal by-election. In light of the recent allegations regarding improper tactics and robocalls, perhaps we should invite election over-seers from other democratic countries to assist us, so as to ensure that a fair, legal and democratic by-election is held. One can only hope that these good voters of toronto-Danforth send a message loud and clear, not only to the candidates in their riding but to the entire country. The whole world is watching Toronto-Danforth. Make us all proud!

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